Packers and Movers Kavaratti

Packers and Movers Kavaratti

A Leading Packers and Movers Company Kavaratti

Welcome to Allianz Cargo & Logistics in Kavaratti! We are the explorers in the Packing & Moving Kavaratti industry, offering 100% of quality and safe moving services. We have made you personally competent enough to pick your consignment from your doorstep from any corner of Kavaratti, assisted by a well-established, well-settled, and well-spread network across India. We understand that your items or materials are valuable to you. We have a highly trained, professional, and experienced team, well-trained in packing, unpacking, transporting, loading, and unloading. We are only your belongings in improving our services and serving our clients nicely. We make us the best Packers and Movers Kavaratti.

Shifting and Packers and Movers Kavaratti

We shift your belongings items quickly, safely, and efficiently by incorporating good-quality packaging material, well-trained staff, and the latest technology. Allianz Cargo & Logistics provide Packers and Movers Kavaratti for House ShiftingOffice Relocation, and Domestic and International Shifting. We have been in the industry for 22 years, providing the best position in the market by providing optimum quality Packing and Moving Services in Kavaratti.

Packers and Movers Charges in Kavaratti

Shifting Type Packing Prices Labour Costs
1 BHK Shifting ₹ 5000 – 7000 ₹ 3000 – 5000
2 BHK Shifting ₹ 6000 – 8000 ₹ 4000 – 5000
3 BHK Shifting ₹ 8000 – 12000 ₹ 5000 – 6000
Few Goods Shifting 989-955-6839 989-955-6839
Car Shifting 989-955-6839 989-955-6839
Bike Shifting 989-955-6839 989-955-6839

Move with the Most Reliable Packers and Movers Kavaratti

We have shifting alliances and collaboration nationally and internationally regarding support services and Packers and Movers Kavaratti – hence we extend a wide range of consignment services, including air cargo, sea consignment, and surface transportation. We handle hundreds of household goods shifting and relocation every quarter. We are one of the leading trusted local, domestic shifting-Solutions. Top Packers and Movers Kavaratti also offer a vast range of services outside the boundary and are best known for moving your goods & Items from one location to another.

How will Reliable Packers Ensure the Safety of Your Goods or Items during Shifting?

Allianz Cargo & Logistics is the best Packers and Movers Kavaratti  are equipped with modern techniques, quality materials, and essential equipment to provide a secure and hassle-free relocation.

  • Quality Packing Service: Allianz Cargo & Logistics service providers in Kavaratti follow suitable packing methods & use high-quality packaging materials like packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, robust cartons, packing peanuts and foam, etc.
  • Cautious Loading-Unloading: They also implement the latest loading-unloading techniques with modern equipment like furniture hand trucks, panel movers, appliance dollies, sliders, etc.
  • Expert Disassembly-Reassembly: Allianz Cargo & Logistics can also unmount appliances, TV, AC, geyser, dismantle/reassemble large sofa, bed, etc.
  • Riskless Transport: Allianz Cargo & Logistics use the Best transport truck from their fleet of vehicles like 4 ft trucks, 17 ft trucks, Tata Ace, Pickup Truck, one open/enclosed truck, and so on for their transport.

How Allianz Cargo & Logistics promise the best quality Packers and Movers Kavaratti services

Allianz Cargo & Logistics have earned the highest quality service reward and trust from its residents and official packers and movers. There are many cheap and budget-friendly packers and movers Kavaratti. You might get many promises of the best relocation services Kavaratti from cheap moving companies; however, you will face hidden charges after completing the move. Choosing the right and best movers and packers Kavaratti,  Top B Agarwal packers is crucial for home relocation; therefore, it is best to verify the moving companies before hiring them. Allianz Cargo & Logistics will be the perfect option for house shifting; you can get truck rental services according to your household goods and select shared transport trucks and dedicated trucks from our moving company Kavaratti.

When should you start looking for Packers and Movers Kavaratti?

  • You can share your details, such as destination & origin, moving items, moving date, packing & moving service quality necessary, and the distance. You need to call us and contact us on our Portal; within minutes, you will receive three references from top-rated packers and movers Kavaratti based on your moving necessities.
  • We can provide a pre-move survey to local packers and movers Kavaratti to quote your shifting charges. Our professional packers and movers agents will give the estimations after physical surveys of several items and provide the costs to be calculated.
  • You can also talk to the highest authority of our best movers and packers Kavaratti to get the deals and get a decent discount on charges.
  • You can easily compare the moving costs quoted by moving companies Kavaratti by the reviews & ratings of packers and movers Kavaratti.
  • You can decide on the relocation services Kavaratti if they meet your relocation needs and are within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions – Packers and Movers Kavaratti

Will packers and movers pack and unpack everything for you?

Best Packers and Movers Kavaratti are professionals who safely pack and transport our goods, such as baggage, furniture, artefacts, and furnishings. Contact the most reputable movers and packers Kavaratti who can provide safe and efficient unpacking services during your relocation.

Which movers and packers Kavaratti provide the best quality service?

Providing high-quality packers and movers services Kavaratti met some requirements. We handle all household belongings with exceptional caution when transporting them to the vehicle, throughout transit, and during unloading.

Is it going to make a difference if I hire Allianz Cargo & Logistics Kavaratti?

Allianz Cargo & Logistics were founded with the sole vision of making the Packers and Movers Kavaratti industry a credible one where the customer can trust us and make his move in the most hassle-free and smooth manner possible. As a Moving Company Kavaratti, I believe in quality and customer delight.

How can I be confident we will receive good packers and movers service Kavaratti?

Allianz Cargo & Logistics Kavaratti is a well-known moving company with branches in strategic areas, sturdy all-weather packing, and a well-trained workforce. 

What are the advantages of using packers and movers services Kavaratti?

Packers and movers services Kavaratti is a well-known and dependable company in the movers and packers industry. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and goods transportation are handled by highly skilled personnel. To ensure the products’ safety, we employ the safest and most secure packaging materials and containers.

When packers and movers properly pack everything Kavaratti, why do I need insurance?

Even if they are professionally packed, you should ensure your products. It will protect you from financial loss if damaged or destroyed during the moving process due to unforeseen circumstances such as fire, accidents, sabotage, riots, etc.

What are my responsibilities during the moving process by the Moving company Kavaratti?

You won’t have to be concerned about much during the moving procedure. However, you will be asked to give certain documents and other materials for certain things. We recommend that you speak with our field officer about this in detail. The amount of time it takes to pack and load objects is determined by the number of items transferred. However, it usually takes around three times as long.

What happens to my booking if I have to cancel or change the date?

We understand that plans can change at any time. You get a Free Cancellation policy when you book with Allianz Packers and movers. There is no risk, and you don’t lose out on anything when you cancel your booking.

Why should I pay tokens in advance to packers and movers in Kavaratti before the move?

For Packers and Movers Kavaratti, the token is to confirm slot bookings and avoid any last-minute delays or inconvenience. The token amount will be adjusted in the final payment of your quotation.

Why are weekend and month-end prices different by packers and movers in Kavaratti?

The quote is calculated based on the availability of slots. Since there is high demand for movement during weekends and month-end, prices are generally high on these days by the packers and movers in Kavaratti.

Can I reschedule my packer and mover movement after I have paid the token amount?

You can reschedule your movement by informing your dedicated move packer and movers manager, whose details are included in the confirmation email. Your move manager will reschedule the movement based on the availability of slots.

My movement date is not fixed yet. How can I book movers and packers in Kavaratti in advance?

You can notify your dedicated movers and packers Kavaratti movement manager to reschedule movement up to 2 days before the booked date. Change in movement date is FREE of cost for the following categories: weekdays to weekdays, weekend to weekend, weekend to weekdays.

Will the Kavaratti movers and packers also dismantle beds and other furniture?

Yes, Allianz Packers Kavaratti  can dismantle and assemble beds and other furniture without extra cost. However, you will have to notify your dedicated move manager before moving.

Is a preliminary inspection required before booking the movement?

No, instant quotes are generated as per the apartment size/inventory list, movement date, and movement distance.

Are the packing materials included in the package? Are there any hidden charges?

Yes, all packing materials and labor costs are provided by the vendor and included in the package.

Do you provide insurance for the goods?

Yes, you can ensure your goods by informing your dedicated move manager. You will be required to purchase our secured package addon. This addon has many other benefits, along with insurance.

Can packers and movers in Kavaratti help to move my car or bike?

Allianz Packers and Movers Kavaratti can also move your car or bike for inter-city movements. Special closed containers will be used to transport your vehicle safely to your new home.

Are you looking for the best transport services from Kavaratti?

With our transport services from Kavaratti, you get the most reliable transport services from Kavaratti. Unlike most other moving companies in India, we're independently owned and operated. Through our 22 years of experience, Packers and movers have helped hundreds of homes shifting - small businesses and large-scale industries in their successful movement from one place to another. Rehousing ensures that the entire process is waveless and hassle-free with our transport services from Kavaratti. Kavaratti transport service team provides unmatched and unique customer service. Due to the inefficiency of professional teams, customers often need help organizing and setting up their homes while moving. We offer Kavaratti transport services based on a specialized relocation plan that relates all elements of moving from the very beginning to the very end. Allianz packers and movers have been shifting homes for a long time and will progress securely and safely.

Some of the most valuable materials transport services from Kavaratti are as follows.

Allianz transport services are hassle-free loading services with professional quality at an affordable price. In addition to properly packing goods and machinery, adequate loading and moving of goods are very important. Your household items or official items will be transported damage-free with our transport services from Kavaratti. We are adequately loaded to ensure our client's interests arrive safely at their respective destinations.

Approx. Transport services charges from Kavaratti

Vehicle type Charges Loading/ Unloading
Mahindra Pickup Rs. 5000-27000 Rs. 1,500-3,000
Eicher 14 Feet Rs. 8000-45,000 Rs. 3,500-5,500
Eicher 17 Feet Rs. 10,000-50,000 Rs. 3,500-7,000
Eicher 19 Feet Rs. 12,000-65,000 Rs. 5,500-7,500
Note:-  Transport services charges Depend on Distance.

How does the truck & tempo transport service from Kavaratti work?

Our truck transport service from Kavaratti helps you relocate and is ready to assist you anytime. Packers and movers help with loading and unloading both and ensure that your items are transported as safely and securely as possible. With our efficiency, Allianz is the most trusted packers & movers in India. We are there for you whenever you shift to move your home with our truck & transport services from Kavaratti. Your fragile and valuable belongings are packed carefully and moved with extra care by our team of packing and moving experts. Contrary to a lot of other moving companies, Our transport service from Kavaratti emphasizes handling the goods with care when transporting.

Approx. Truck Transport charges from Kavaratti

Truck Type Weight Capacity Total charges
Tata 22 Feet 10 Ton Rs. 15,000-65,000
Container 20 ft 6 Ton Rs. 12,000-55,000
Container 32 ft sxl 7 Ton Rs. 25,000-75,000
Container 32 ft mxl 14 Ton Rs. 35,000-80,000
32/40 Feet open-trailor odc 25/32 Ton Rs. 40,000-90,000
Note:-  Truck & Tempo transport Depend on Distance.

How can you get the benefits of our best car transport service from Kavaratti?

Our car transport services from Kavaratti provide door-to-door car transport services. We understand how you feel during the moving process. Everyone wants to send their car securely and safely. Allianz realize the importance of a damage-free car relocation; thus, we make every effort to deliver your car in the same condition. We are a government-licensed car transport company. Our car transport services from Kavaratti have installed a GPS & tracking system. Allianz Packers and movers also offer insurance to defend against unusual and genuine shifting-related damages.

 Car transport Cost Kavaratti

Car type Type Of Carrier Moving charges
Small Car Car trailer Rs. 20,000-45,000
Sedan Car trailer Rs. 23,000-40,000
SUV Car trailer Rs. 25,000-55,000
Big/luxury Car trailer Rs. 35,000-,80,000
Big/luxury single car truck Rs. 55,000-1,20,000
Note:-  Car transport Charges Depend on Distance.

What are the advantages of hiring an Allianz bike transport service from Kavaratti?

As professional Packers and movers, ensure that your bikes are transported as safely as possible. Our bike transport services from Kavaratti have tie-ups with the best insurance companies.  We are also known for our bike transport services from Kavaratti because we have the best reputation as the packers & movers that have offered excellent benefits over 22 years. Allianz professionals pack your bike with utmost safety to avoid damage or scratches during transit.

Bike Transport Cost Kavaratti

Bike type Packing cost Transport charges
100cc to 150cc Rs. 1,500-2,500 Rs. 3,000-10,000
150cc to 200cc Rs. 1,800-3,000 Rs. 6,500-13,500
200cc to 350cc Rs. 2,500-3,500 Rs. 6,000-15,000
350cc to Above Rs. 3,500-6,500 Rs. 7,000-25,000
Note:-  bike transport Charges Depend on Distance.
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